Aideen Riley McKenna is a US Navy Aviator and now member of the San Francisco Resistance Movement.

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Aideen was born in the later days of the occupation by the Visitors to two members of the residence. Capt. John McKenna and Lt. Commander Jillian McKenna both active duty members of the United States Navy at the time of the second Visitors' attack. The two quickly became leaders in the San Diego residence cells. Aideen spent the first four years of her life living on the run with her parents until the final battle with the visitors was fought. The battle cost Aideen her mother but it gained earth its freedom. Her father continued his career in the as part of the team that reconstructed the pacific fleet and oversaw the construction of the F-38 Strike Fighter Lightning III the Navy's answer to the Air Forces F-30 Vigilante.

Aideen spent her childhood on ships, bases and in the air. When she was old enough she assumed her mother's role as

Aideen in the US Navy

hostess to officer's dinners at her father's home. There was little doubt or question of where Aideen's future lie.

Aideen opted to follow her father's foot steps and become a Naval Aviator. She attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and followed that with flight school at Pensacola. She proved to be a natural intuitive pilot. She was assigned to the newly christened Enterprise Super Carrier and to the Strike Fighter Squadron 108, 'The Jolly Rogers', known for their colorfully Skull and Crossbones insignias.


Aideen is a arch typical Naval Officer, possessing vast confidence (bordering on over confidence) discipline and a brash swashbuckling swagger. While she can have a good time she in not a wild child fighter jock. She is a cold as steel warrior who keeps a tight check on her emotions and focuses on the job at hand.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 27
Heigh: 5'7”
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

  • Rear Admiral John Patrick McKenna Lt.
  • Commander Jillian McKenna (deceased - KIA during the occupation)

Distinguishing Marks? Phoenix tattoo on hip
Place of Birth: San Diego California
Professional Occupation: Naval Aviator


  • United States Naval Academy B.S. In Nautical Engineering.
  • Naval Aviators School Pensacola Florida (Including advanced SERE training) Advanced Tactical Fighter Training Miramar California

Played by Eva

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