Ariel Jessica "A.J." Callaway is a former athletic trainer who is now a member of the San Francisco Resistance.


Ariel Jessica Callawaywas born into a military family. Her father was a distinguished Colonel in the Marine Corps, while her mother was a schoolteacher. Her older brother, Alex, looked out for his little sister.

Ariel was too young to truly appreciate the horrors of the first Visitor invasion. She grew up understanding how dangerously close humanity came to the brink of extinction, but like most people, forgot quite quickly. Her childhood was a fairly normal one, as her father's high rank allowed him to remain in one posting. In high school, she made friends easily, and was a standout athlete, lettering in cross-country, track and field, and swimming. She earned a full-ride scholarship to the University of California-Berkeley in cross-country.


As she made her way towards a degree in sports medicine, a double tragedy shook her life. Her brother, who was constantly in and out of trouble, was arrested and imprisoned for aggravated assault on a police officer. To make matters worse, her parents were killed in an automobile accident three months later. Despite the distractions, Ariel graduated with honors, and became a member of the school's athletic training team. After a couple of years, she was promoted to the head trainer for women's sports.
As Ariel's life seemed to be flourishing, her brother was released from prison. As big a distraction as his re-emergence into her life may have been...the return of the Visitors proves to be moreso.


Ariel is exceptionally intelligent. She is a thinker, preferring to talk her way to a solution. She is estranged from her brother; upset with him for the choices he made that ruined his potential. While she may seem skittish at times, she is graceful under pressure. She is a great deal tougher than she appears, and she will use her "weak" persona to her advantage.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 26
Height: 5'8
Hair: Auburn Red with blonde highlights
Eyes: Gray

  • Joseph Callaway (Father - Retired Colonel, USMC, deceased)
  • Maria Callaway (Mother - School Teacher, deceased)
  • Alexander Callaway (Brother)

Distinguishing Marks: None

Place of Birth - San Clemente, California

Occupation: Head Athletic Trainer, University of California-Berkeley


  • Firearms Training (handguns)
  • Martial Arts (she holds a brown belt in aikido)
  • Sports Medicine/Athletic Training (Ariel is a Board-Certified Athletic Trainer, who is trained in diagnosing and treating injuries, rehabilitation, pharmacology, nutrition, and some psychology)

Played by Darrin

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