Emma Stauffenberg is a USAF pilot and now member of the San Francisco Resistance movement.



Ever since she was a little girl, Emma has wanted to fly in outer space...

…and blow the shit out of the things that come from there.

Her family managed to escape East Germany in the early 1980s, arriving in America just in time to bear the Visitor's occupation. Like many, the Stauffenbergs suffered tragedy during the Occupation; their young son Konrad, Emma's older brother, was killed during a battle between the Visitors and the Resistance. Not yet born, Emma was always in Konrad's shadow. Vengeance was just one reason Emma joined the USAF after college, but far and away the main reason. Like many of her generation, she wanted to stand on the front lines of defense against the Visitors if they ever returned.

The United States spent twenty-six years preparing for that day. Reverse-engineered Visitor technology provided enormous advances in all fields, especially weaponry. The new generation of USAF aerospace fighters was light years ahead of their pre-Visitor predecessors. Electromagnetic pulse cannons, sophisticated alloy armor, advanced computer targeting and navigational systems, hypersonic thrust engines - the F-30 Vigilant was designed to be a "Visitor-buster" and only the best pilots were chosen to pilot one.

Joining that elite group was one of the proudest moments in Emma's life. Although most people doubt the Visitors will ever return, Emma and her fellow Shooting Stars know better, and are ready for the day... they think.


Emma is 200% focused on being part of Earth's front line of defense, ready and waiting for a day most people doubt will ever take place. Out of the cockpit, she's almost a stereotype of the hard-drinking, cocky fighter jock, which has caused some bemusement to her more laid-back squad mates and annoyance to her conservative parents.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 25
Height: 5 ft 9
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

  • Father - Jakob Stauffenberg
  • Mother - Elisabeth "Sissi" Stauffenberg
  • Older brother - Konrad Stauffenberg (deceased)
  • Younger Sister - Katherine Stauffenberg

Distinguishing Marks? A tattoo, upper left arm, with the logo and nickname of the 804th Fighter Squadron (Shooting Stars)
Place of Birth: El Cajon, California
Professional Occupation: USAF pilot


  • United States Air Force Academy (including SERE training and Army airborne cross-training) bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering
  • Fluent in German, basic conversational familiarity with Visitor.

Played by Paul

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