Freddy Mitchell is an ex-SFPD officer who is now a member of the San Francisco Resistance


There was never any doubt in Freddy’s mind that he was going to become a cop like his father, grandfather and great grandfather he always intended to follow the family tradition. He majored in criminology in college before joining the Police Academy. He decided to become a uniformed officer and has no wish to take a detective’s badge. He is currently studying for his sergeant’s exam.

He doesn’t remember his mother or his elder brother, he was two years old when the visitors left and they are as unreal as a story to him. His father still will not believe that his wife and son are dead although it is extremely unlikely that either of them is still alive.


A stable, sensible young man. He has many friends but does not make friends lightly. He is loyal and hardworking and has ambitions to make Captain one day. He is cool in a crisis.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 28
Height: 6’2”
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel

  • Father: John Mitchell – Age 48 Desk Sergeant at Central
  • Mother: Sarah Mitchell – Believed to have been taken by the Visitors (First time round)
  • Brother: Peter Mitchell – Believed to have been taken by the Visitors (First time round)
  • Sister: Claire Mitchell – Age 32 Orthopedic Nurse at St Mary’s Medical Center

Distinguishing Marks?

  • Appendectomy scar right lower abdomen
  • Scar from a knife cut left forearm.
  • Left handed

Place of Birth: San Francisco

Professional Occupation: Field Officer SFPD Freddy works out of Central


  • Criminology degree at USF
  • Police Academy
  • He is fluent in Spanish.

Played by Brit

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