Patrick James Riley was a former Hollywood make-up artist and presently a member of the San Francisco Resistance.


Patrick Riley was born on June 19th, 1969 in Alexandria, Virginia. The younger of two sons, his parents were a legal secretary and a Washington, D.C. beat cop. His older brother, Steven, was already on his way to becoming a star baseball player. Patrick was born deaf and mute, and while his parents were shocked, they never loved their son any less.

Despite his handicap, Patrick's childhood was an enjoyable one. Friendly and outgoing, he made friends easily and was a well-liked person by everyone. Life was going along well...until the Visitors came.

Emma and Steven were both early casualties in the battle with the Visitors. Arthur and Patrick joined the Washington, D.C. Resistance. Arthur fought on the front lines, while Patrick helped where he could. When the Visitors had been driven back, it seemed as if life was returning to normal. Patrick headed off to college, where he majored in Theater. It was there where he learned he had an innate talent for make-up and visual effects. He headed to Hollywood, where he began studying under some of the masters of disguise.

After a few years in Hollywood, which saw his talents growing by the day, Arthur moved out to be near his only remaining family. It turned out to be a good decision, because a few months later, he died of cancer. Before he died, he gave his son a foreboding message - "Keep on your toes...'cause I think they're comin' back."
Over the next few years, Patrick became one of Hollywood's most sought-after men in the field of makeup. He was nominated for three Academy Awards, and his work was widely considered the best in the field. Starting to become burned out by the constant work, he moved up to San Francisco for a much-needed sabbatical. Unfortunately, he didn't know that the war was about to start again...just as his father had predicted.


Patrick is levelheaded and very calm. Years of working under the intense pressure of big-budget Hollywood pictures has given him extraordinary grace under fire, and he thrives on challenge. He is very observant, and detail-oriented. He works hard to be seen as an equal, and not a handicap.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 39
Height: 5'10
Hair: Light Brown, short and curly
Eyes: Blue

  • Arthur Riley (Father, former police officer, deceased)
  • Emma Riley (Mother, legal secretary, deceased)
  • Steven Riley (Brother, minor league baseball player, deceased)
  • Distinguishing Marks:
  • Patrick is deaf and mute. He has been this way since his birth.

Place Of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia

Occupation: Make-Up/Visual Effects Artist


  • Make-Up and Visual Effects (Patrick is considered by many to be one of the top people in the field)
  • Expert at Lip Reading/Sign Language

Played By Darrin

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