Rebecca Anne 'Becca' Winfrey is a second generation Sirian who resides on Earth and is a member of the San Francisco Resistance movement.

Early HistoryEdit

Rebecca and her twin sister Sarah were born in Los Angeles during the final battle with the fifth column and the earth resistance and the visitors. During the time of the final battle the girls were hidden away, given human skin that would be replaced as they grew and the medication that would keep them alive. After the battle the family settled into life in LA. Her parents found jobs working with the visitors that were left behind and their specific medical needs.

As the girls aged it became apparent that Becca had a certain aptitude towards her parents work, while Sarah had other interests that eventually took Sarah away from the family. Focused and committed Becca studied hard, got good grades, became somewhat popular and graduated high school as second in her class.
It was then off to college at UCSF but not before spending one last summer with her parents, once again going over any survival skills she would need just in case. Then of course it was off to college where Becca buckled down, studied even harder, dealt with a great deal of attitude towards her specific uniqueness and still managed to graduate with honors and enter med school specializing in visitor medical care.


Determined and focused. When Becca has a task or problem she will work at it until it is solved, regardless the consequences. She loves and cares for her family very much and is always concerned with her missing twin sister, Sarah.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 25
Height: 5’9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

  • Joanne-Mother
  • Thomas-Father
  • Sarah Jane-Sister (twin, location unknown at this time)

Species: Sirian
Distinguishing Marks? None She is flawless.
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Professional Occupation: Second year medical student-visitor biology specialty, works nights in the lab at the hospital.


  • Early education was in Los Angeles
  • UCSF-Biology degree (visitor), second year med student
  • Can speak her parents native tongue
  • Speaks a bit of Spanish and Latin.

Played by Anna

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