Victor Theodore "The Professor" Barnes is a professor at St. Ignatius University and a secret member of the San Francisco Resistance movement.

Early HistoryEdit

Victor Barnes was born in Boston, Massachusetts. The only child of a construction worker and a librarian, he saw how the difficult and rugged physical conditions took a toll on his father. On the other side, he saw how education and knowledge could open so many potential doors. He worked on both sides - the physical and the psychological. By high school, he was a star athlete as well as near top of his class.
Earning a full-ride scholarship to Dartmouth, he took a double major in education and philosophy. Graduating with honors in both subjects, he was offered a job as a teacher's assistant at Yale University. Within four years, he was a full professor of philosophy. However, after two years of teaching...he stunned everyone by resigning his post, buying a motorcycle, and driving across the country. Arriving in San Francisco, he met up with a member of the Reapers Motorcycle Club. He prospected the club, and after a year, became a full member. Life was interestingly good...until the return of the Visitors.


Victor is exceptionally intelligent, both book-wise and street-wise. He is often the calm head in a situation, tending to think things through before acting. While he is often serious, he does possess a dry wit, and often cracks jokes when they are least expected. His loyalty to the gang is unquestioned, but he is not opposed to taking orders from others if need be.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Age: 32
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Dark Brown (very short)
Eyes: Hazel

  • Donald Barnes (father, construction worker, deceased)
  • Marissa Barnes (mother, librarian, deceased)

Professional Occupation: Former Professor of Philosophy
Distinguishing Marks? None
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts


  • Bachelor's Degree - Education & Philosophy
  • Running - Victor regularly participates in half-marathons and road races
  • Boxing (More for physical fitness than self-defense...but he does throw a mean punch)
  • Languages - Speaks fluent Russian, Italian, German, Greek, and Latin

Played by Darrin

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